Omnistrate Achieves SOC 2 Type I Compliance: Upholding Security and Trust 🎖️

Omnistrate, Inc., a B2B SaaS company that revolutionizes the way software offerings are turned into multi-cloud SaaS services, is pleased to announce that it has successfully achieved Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type I compliance. This accomplishment serves as an industry-recognized validation of Omnistrate's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security, confidentiality, and availability for its customers' data across multi-cloud environments.

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Omnistrate's Unique Value Proposition

As a control-plane-as-a-service provider, Omnistrate enables businesses to transform their software offerings into managed multi-cloud SaaS in a matter of minutes rather than the years it typically takes. This eliminates the time-consuming and expensive challenges of such transitions and empowers businesses to concentrate on innovation and growth. Omnistrate enables businesses to deploy their solutions effortlessly across multiple cloud providers, ensuring flexibility, scalability, and an optimal user experience. This adds significant value for its customers, making Omnistrate an ideal choice for businesses looking to extend their offerings as managed services.

The Importance of SOC 2 Compliance

As businesses increasingly rely on cloud-based SaaS platforms, the need for assurance that their data is secure becomes more critical. SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls 2) is an auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to ensure that service organizations adhere to the highest levels of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. By pursuing SOC 2 attestation, Omnistrate has demonstrated its commitment to safeguarding customer data and aligning with an industry-recognized security framework. Achieving SOC 2 compliance signifies Omnistrate's dedication to data protection and the implementation of robust controls, fostering trust with customers and ensuring the secure handling of sensitive information.

Security Embedded in Omnistrate's Policies and Processes

Omnistrate is fully committed to providing its customers with secure products and services while ensuring the protection of their valuable data. This commitment is reflected in the company's implementation of best security practices, such as investment in security training for all employees, and adherence to secure development life-cycle principles. Omnistrate's modern cloud architecture is designed to host multiple clients securely by implementing complete customer isolation, unique encryption keys and role-based access controls. Additionally, Omnistrate consistently carries out comprehensive vulnerability scans and testing on all production and internet-facing systems. The company also implements continuous monitoring and threat detection, ensuring prompt alerts and swift resolution of any issues, thereby maintaining a secure environment for clients. Overall, Omnistrate's unwavering commitment to security and data protection is a core value that guides all aspects of the company's operations.

A Rigorous SOC 2 Audit Process and Attestation

To achieve SOC 2 Type I compliance, Omnistrate underwent a thorough audit by Prescient Assurance, a reputable leader in security and compliance attestations for B2B and SaaS companies worldwide. The audit confirmed that Omnistrate's information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the AICPA's SOC for Service Organizations (SSAE 18) standards. An unqualified opinion on a SOC 2 Type I audit report signifies that Omnistrate manages its customers' data with the highest level of security and compliance, providing confidence to both current and prospective clients.

What's Next for Omnistrate

Omnistrate's achievement of SOC 2 Type I compliance demonstrates its commitment to upholding the highest security standards in its service offerings. Having successfully achieved SOC 2 Type 1 attestation, the company's next objective is to obtain SOC 2 Type 2 attestation, which evaluates the effectiveness of controls over a specified period. This step will further solidify Omnistrate's dedication to maintaining rigorous security standards and consistently enhancing its control environment, providing clients with the assurance they need to entrust their valuable data and services to Omnistrate. To learn more about Omnistrate, its service offerings, and security practices, please write to us at [email protected]