A 200 billion dollar business that you cannot ignore

A business generating 200 billion dollars per year, cannot be ignored.

What kind of business are we talking about? SaaS.

Anyone offering digitally accessible software services is offering them as a SaaS.

Ok but, what is this “SaaS”?

SaaS stands for Software as a service and is the dominant software distribution model in today’s tech landscape. A typical setup in which a cloud provider is leveraged to host an application and makes it available to users exposing the service globally.

These are the main reasons why you should go for SaaS.

Customer-centric approach

SaaS prioritizes user satisfaction, UX/UI or DevEx (in case of DevTools) and continually works on enhancing user journeys. A customer-centric approach means that you can offer responsive support, regular feature updates based on user feedback and everything is tailored for the user experience.

Global accessibility and distribution

SaaS applications can easily be distributed on a global scale and they are capable of handling incoming traffic 24/7. This allows a smooth experience, regardless of locations where your customers and end users reside. SaaS is made to meet elastic demands and adapt across all the different regions, leveraging availability zones and distributed computing approaches to ensure continuity, guarantee a good service level and improve the overall resilience of your product.

Rapid deployment and Time-to-Market

Having a faster deployment cycle ensures that any software deployed can meet user demands quicker and beat the competition by taking over emerging opportunities before anyone else. Along with the operational ease to operate a SaaS compared to any other distribution model. Benefits are maximized once a platform to streamline operations is in place.

Scalability and flexibility

Unparalleled scalability, allowing customers to easily adapt to changing demands and business requirements. Flexibility ensures that as the usage grows, a SaaS infrastructure will easily accommodate increased traffic and a fast growing user base without significant investments, when everything is well configured and architected from day 0.

Automatic updates, maintenance and security

Software maintenance, updates, patching and rollbacks are a burden, more often than not, but with a SaaS model the heavy part of these responsibilities can fall on the cloud provider and well, that’s great! Unfortunately some of the most critical tasks, especially cybersecurity and observability still need to be taken care of by your team. This is true unless you adopt a platform that is already equipped to ensure security and ease in dealing with day-2 operations.

Cost-efficiency and financial predictability

There is no need to buy or maintain data center resources, to have big upfront costs when bootstrapping a new application. Offering a subscription-based pricing model can make a product profitable from day 1, reducing financial risks and well, attracting investments too!

Data, Analytics, metrics and observability

In order to operate a SaaS efficiently decisions need to be taken based on data (including usage) but, without the right tools, how can you gather information about your system and its status? A SaaS platform should have built-in monitoring, logging and analytics tools, empowering you to obtain valuable insights from their data from a single pane of glass. This integration facilitates data-driven decision making, allowing business to make informed choices, identify or explore trends and optimize strategies to increase revenues. A platform is necessary to obtain the full observability benefits and why not leveraging one that already has all of these capabilities built in?

Valuation and revenue driver

Now let’s face it, one of the main and rightful reasons for a company to build a cool product, at least in the long run, is: profit.

Fair. How can SaaS boost your revenues, MRR, ARR and profit?

Ask MongoDB! They grew their business from an old-fashioned license model ($65 million ARR) to a SaaS model (1.5 billion ARR) followed by an astounding increase of valuation from $1.5 billion to $25 billion.

You may think this must be an edge (success) case but what if I told you it’s definitely not? SaaS businesses are x2-3 times more valuable than license software firms and this is on top of all the benefits listed above.


Embracing SaaS is not just a technological shift; it's a strategic move that empowers companies to stay agile, reduce costs, and leverage cutting-edge technology but in order to achieve that you need to manage complex IT infrastructure and overcome heavy-lifting challenges that are standing between you and your success.

What is Omnistrate? We are the go-to solution for your SaaS challenges.

Omnistrate provides a platform that abstracts all the components you need to build, access and operate in order to run a successful SaaS business, excluding your pure business logic code, which is the only thing you need to focus on.

As simple as deploying your app with docker-compose. Try it yourself and enjoy the benefits of Omnistrate!