Omnistrate Marketplace: Increase your distribution for your SaaS

How you can maximize your visibility and revenue, while minimizing support requests at the same time. Nowadays digital solutions are everywhere and companies offering such solutions must maximize their visibility to succeed, especially in the competitive SaaS landscape.

Enter Omnistrate: we are the all-in-one SaaS operating system / Control Plane as a Service, aiming to redefine the rules of the SaaS game with our technology and Marketplace. Our Marketplace not only provides a space for companies to list their products but also serves as a global distribution channel, offering unparalleled visibility, revenue generation, and comprehensive operational support.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the marketplace hole, shall we?

Omnistrate's Marketplace is a game-changer for software companies, offering them a unique opportunity to list their products at no cost and gain exposure to a vast audience in no time. This means more eyes on your software, more potential customers, and ultimately, increased revenue.

You can think of Omnistrate as additional distribution channel. Alternatively, you can offer Omnistrate as their primary channel reaching a broader audience while enjoying the benefits of a platform that handles every aspect of software deployment and maintenance. Finally, you can also build partnerships by partnering with other offerings and offer unique solutions to larger target audience.

Oh but wait a minute. We are forgetting something very important here: subscription management and billing. That’s all handled, you can rest assured. You will be able create all the different plans with your preferred pricing and manage your customers subscriptions all in one place.

Getting started with Omnistrate's Marketplace is really simple, you quite literally need just a compose spec for your product and voilà, you are ready to start. We offer a user-friendly interface to create your SaaS setup, acting as your Operating System and then we guide you to list your brand new SaaS built and run with Omnistrate. Complete with detailed descriptions, logo, documentation, pricing and all the essential information. Once listed, Omnistrate takes care of the rest – from ensuring the visibility of products to managing the operational aspects, all without any cost. Amazing, right?

The future of SaaS is here, and it's called Omnistrate.